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Literature for Young Voices Unison/Two-part for download

Table of Contents
1. Bumblebee—Unison with Orff accompaniment
2. Dry Bones—Unison with optional 2nd and 3rd voice Piano accompaniment/Xylophone
3. Hava Nagila—Unison with piano accompaniment
4. Little Snowflake—2-part a cappella
5. Mango Walk—Unison, with descant Piano and/or Orff accompaniment
6. Marching to Pretoria—2-part Piano accompaniment
7. My Master Has a Garden—Unison with descantHarp (Piano) and glockenspiel accompaniment
8. The Peg-Legged Elf—UnisonPiano accompaniment
9. When the Robbers Came to Rob Him—Unison Orff (or Piano) accompaniment
10. The Star-Spangled Banner—Unison with descant Piano accompaniment
11. Streets of Laredo—2-part a cappella
12. Sweet and Low—Unison (opt. 2-part) Optional piano accompaniment
13. Texas Cowboy—Unison with Orff accompaniment
14. The Texian Boys—Unison Orff and pennywhistle accompaniment
15. Tingalayo—2-part Orff, steeldrum, or piano accompaniment
16. Waltzing Matilda—Optional 2-part Optional piano accompaniment
17. Winter Lullaby—2-part a cappella
18. You’re a Grand Old Flag—Optional 2-part Optional piano accompaniment

Literature for Young Voices Unison/Two-part - Downloadable

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